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Overall Description:   Knight's Quest is a tight, easy-to-control introduction or new challenge for new players and veterans respectively to the genre of bullet hell. There are several, engaging mechanics to look out for and many new friends to meet along the way. Whether you're off to Fluffy Puff Kingdom, or Balmwood Haven, you're certain to have a fun time.

Game-play: In every level (unless you are playing through the Hard-core mode), you will start out with three health points represented through Apples in the top-left corner of the screen. Once the level has been completed, those Apples will regenerate. If you are in the middle of an encounter with a boss, however, your apples will not regenerate until the encounter has come to an end. Throughout the game, your character is surrounded by a box. As objects approach you, you must dodge and come up with cunning ways to avoid projectiles in short amounts of time. In some rooms, the dimensions of the box will distort, creating more complex layouts and levels simultaneously.

Collectibles:   There are 21 different collectibles in the entire game. One is rewarded for every boss that is completed no-damage, which accounts for ten of them. The other eleven are rewarded by completing other game-modes, the "path" you take in the game, and for dying as little as possible. Three of these collectibles are not required for the secret/final boss, which can only be fought upon finishing Adventure mode after collecting the required eighteen.

Bosses:   There are a total of eleven boss fights, while some are against returning characters...and could almost be counted as phases. Although, they are technically different boss fights in the game. Some boss fights can take 15-25 minutes to complete, while the harder ones can be expected to take around an hour or two. (The first boss is more of an introductory, and should hardly take five minutes at all.) Bosses often introduce new mechanics unseen in other areas of the game, while also combining other objects the player should already understand.

Length of the game:   If you know the game front to back, it should only take around 40-60 minutes. However, for a new player, it will likely take 4-5 hours. Of course, Adventure mode isn't the only thing to do, nor will a second play-through seem stale immediately. Once adventure mode is completed, it is suggested to complete your collection, and fight the secret/final boss.

Story:   In this game, you play as a divine being stripped of his immortality. In an effort to return to his original form, the story begins. After the main antagonist is beaten, your character will progress in one of two ways. Despite the warnings at the beginning of the game, if you use your magic in reckless amounts, it will corrupt you easily. If you do not, however, you will advance to a more direct path to the final boss, heading through Balmwood Haven. No matter which path you go down, you will miss something from the other. This guarantees a certain amount of replay value.

Assets:  This game features all-original music, characters, art, and story. While this should generally go without saying, I feel the need to emphasize that I DID NOT use any default or stock assets...likely because I put a lot of work into this.

Saving:   The game auto-saves upon entering a new area, and the room before a boss. Text will appear in the bottom-right corner to notify the player that it is currently auto-saving.


     For Keyboard:    On the title screen, press the key that corresponds to the respective game-mode in order to start quickly and efficiently, use the WASD keys to move, SPACEBAR to advance dialogue or hold Z to skip the dialogue, TAB to bring up a small display of variables such as the number of deaths in a run, hold SHIFT to move faster, and hold BACKSPACE to return to the title screen. You can also hold SHIFT and ENTER to go extra slow if needed.

     For an Xbox Controller / Game-pad:   On the title screen, press the button that corresponds to the respective game-mode in order to start quickly and efficiently, use the joystick to move, A to advance dialogue or hold X to skip the dialogue, RIGHT BUMPER to bring up a small display of variables such as the number of deaths in a run, hold the RIGHT TRIGGER to move faster, and hold the START button to return to the title screen. You can also hold the RIGHT TRIGGER and the LEFT TRIGGER to go extra slow if needed.

Install instructions

If you're having trouble installing, and windows claims that it "protected" your PC before playing, simply click 'more info' and then 'run anyway'. This should begin the game. 


knight-s-quest.exe 738 MB

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